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Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Monday, Second Week of 2013....

Because I am late at everything, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
   I hope your holidays were wonderful and filled with good food and even better time spent with family and friends.
We had a great Christmas and New Years.  My husband is awesome.  What other man would stop on New Years Eve, while it is raining and spend $250 worth of fire works just for you??  No kids... no one else, but you?
  My husband did.  I love him.

FYI for next year or July 4th... get the Rare Orchid... Best firework for your buck.  (its on youtube it is sooo good.. hahahaha)

I am patiently waiting on my Smiley360 mission for Campbell's Soup to come in the mail.  It is a new soup on the market, lots of coupons for said soup and some comfy socks.  I CAN'T WAIT!  I will blog about it later when I get it in the mail if anyone is interested.

I am received about 10 books for Christmas, so if you don't hear from me for a while... my nose will be buried in a book or my kindle.

Happy NEW Year!!!


  1. Congrats on the awesome fireworks. We are only allowed safe and sane fireworks here...nothing that flys, spins, ect..So in other words..the crap ones. LOL

    Yes, please let us know what you got from Smiley360. I just finished an Advil Congestion Relief mission and am hoping to get another one soon.

  2. Hey, guess what? I just got approved for the smiley360 Campbell's soup mission too! Can't wait to see the comfy socks.