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Friday, December 7, 2012

I got new Bling and a New 4Legged Family Member

As promised -

After the awesome vacation we had where the hubby wrecked his bike and I lost my wedding band... I am happy to report that I now have a new set!
   Yes, it is not the same... and I miss my old set dearly, but what do you do??
Here is my new set... What do you think?

Excuse the Old Lady Wrinkly Hands... My dishwasher broke so I was dishes daily now.. LOL

We also added another member to the family.  I really do think we have lost our minds.  We now have 5.... yes 5 dogs!!!
  We have yet to name this little guy, so any name suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I would like a one syllable name.  Right now all he knows is No. Poor baby.

Poor baby was tired. 

Creasy and Ox are above... Creasy is MUCH bigger now, but still has big ears.  He is so smart and loves retrieving.  Ox is... well... he is a good watch dog and is getting very old.  He is almost blind.  What can I say, all of our animals have quirks, but we love them ALL!

Happy FRIDAY and Hope you have all your shopping done. I know I DO NOT.  :(


  1. Nice new ring set and can I just say awww on the new puppy. The older dogs look so content, so sweet too.

  2. Oh and I put up new pictures of my new ratty boys. :)