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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Month in Review

Yes it has been a while... after I finish this post you will probably (hopefully) understand why.

Honestly, I don't know what Karma God we pissed off... but I am pleading to Whomever that it stops.. Seriously.

And then I would like the Money Angel to come my way please and thank you.  With a cherry on top please??

If you know me then this is all a long drawn out story you have already heard.  If not, appease me.

So, the husband and I have been planning our vacation now for - oh going on two years.
  Where would a married couple go, with such extensive planning and money poured into their FIRST vacation in 4 - YES FOUR years??

Why - Waynoka, Oklahoma of course!  Duh!
   Yes, a town that has no Dairy Queen, or Red lights for that matter.  Smaller than said town we live in.  AND 14 HOURS away from home. 

Let me explain.  We have 4 wheelers aka ATV's.  Banshee 4 wheelers (they go really fast and are a blast to ride) and I have a YFZ 4 wheeler.  We have them tricked out and prettied up.

First one is the husband's - very tricked out and fast... Yellow & Black is mine... I think its pretty cool.
I didn't have a pic of the other one, but you get the idea.

So, we head out on our vacation to Waynoka, Ok two weeks ago after no sleep and me working all day.  We get there after a 12 hr drive, and working on 26 hrs no sleep at this point.

There are dunes.  Sand Dunes.  We go on vacation to ride said Sand Dunes aka Little Sahara Sand Dunes.

After catching a bite to eat, and attempting to take a nap that didn't happen due to excitement of finally being there and on vacation.... we (my husband, his nephew and myself) decide to take a quick trip to the dunes to get a lay of the land.

Well, Since we are just getting a "feel of the land" the boys wear only their sunglasses, gloves and husband his riding boots.  NO helmets.  Well, not this girl, I had it all on thankyouverymuch.

The dunes are AWESOME, really great.  Like butter, soft and so much fun to ride.  We are blasting through them, and going fast of course.  1st mistake - going out there on no sleep, 2nd mistake - going out there without right gear on, 3rd mistake - going out there and riding like we were b/c we were so excited.  Way too fast, not using a spotter, etc.

Well, my husband stops us and tells us both to slow down and be careful of the dunes and to watch out for dips, washouts, and witches eyes.  His nephew takes off, goes over a big dune, I am next and then the fun starts.
  I get to the top of the same dune but on different side, stop at top and see my husband speeding to catch up with us. He gets to dune and goes over - I look at him, and he sees what I see at the same time.  There is a huge washout at the bottom of the dune he is going over.  It all happens in slow motion as he wrecks his bike. Right.Next.To.Me. in the washout.  Flipped end over end.

How he stayed on the bike as it flipped end over end is still a mystery but I think he is part spider monkey.  Well, bike lands standing straight up, pouring gasoline, and husband kicks off of it thinking the same thing I was (I found out later).  We both thought it might catch fire.  He is badly injured, and I run off my bike and push his bike down, and then run to him.  He is bad hurt.  I wont go into details, but his arm looked nasty nasty nasty.  Bike got him in his arm, abdomen, knee and he found new spots of bruises for a week.

We got him out of there and to the clinic in the small town.  Awesome Dr.  She said shoulder looked dislocated, but abdomen was beyond her and to head to nearest town... 35 miles away.

90 miles an hour and very bumpy roads later I get him to the hospital.  Apparently shoulder popped back into place on ride there (sorry dear), but here is what all happened in a nut shell.

Bleeding in abdomen, worried about bladder being damaged due to blood in urine and blood in abdomen, then worried about perforated bowel  - all turned out ok.  Arm broken at elbow, knee tendons strained, arm still messed up and going to see Dr about that this week.  3 Days in ICU.  No sleep for those three days either.  Oh yeah, and no health insurance either... was fixing to get on it at his job... (job which is now in question)... AWESOME

On day 5 we drove back home... carefully and patiently.

(Before we left I had to have wedding band fixed, and my engagement ring cant be fixed any more (long story again)... well we get back home and I cant find my band.)

This has been my October so far.

Yep... I am awesome.
  Just wanted to share.


  1. Oh hell, sorry to hear all that. Glad that your husband will heal and that you are alright. Hope things get better for you all soon.

  2. That is awful! Soooo sorry all that happened to you guys. Not fair. Girl, I promise a vaca to J'ville will be much more fun and relaxing, lol! See you at Easter. We'll make it up to you. Love ya!