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Friday, July 20, 2012

Because sometimes you Got to Do what you GOT to do

On July 4th, since it was the middle of the week - we didn't go anywhere so we stayed at the house.
  The husband decided to go bush hog the back of our property.  Well, our 1910 Massey Ferguson got all the way to the back, mowed about three times around, and decided it wanted to break. 

An unrepairable break. 

Yep.  Whatever Karma has been placed on us, it just keeps giving... LOL.
   So, instead of getting a new vehicle any time soon.... let me introduce you to my new truck.

And let me show you the tractor we have been using for the last 5 years.  This is so seriously embarrassing I can't even believe I am posting them, but so you can get the idea... here goes nothing.

Yes, that is a pillow for the seat.  Don't judge.

You see that part that has wire hanging off of it... Cajun Engineering at its best people.
  When your neighbor comes over and asks if your tractor is on fire... you might be a redneck.
Nope, its just blow by.  And when you have to put a GALLON of hydraulic oil in it EVERY time you use it because it leaks so bad.  And when you have to unhook the battery EVERY time so it MIGHT crank the next time you go to use it.... Yeah... I think it was time.

In other news.  Since July 5th it has rained almost non stop here.  Yep, we buy a new tractor, my new truck thankyouverymuch, and it rains for weeks.

This was on our road last week.  I had to drive the Big Big truck to get down our road.  I can attest to the fact that if you think it looks deep, it usually is.  I drowned a car on our road several years ago. 

Water was up half way on wheels in several spots on road.   Nice huh!

Hope all has a wonderful weekend!!!!

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  1. Hey, don't feel bad..sometimes ya have to make due with what you have. You should have seen my old POS car. lol It leaked oil, started leaking gas, the radiator finally blew and hubby had to put in a switch to turn the fan on for it because it stopped working and would over heat. But the last straw was when the brakes stopped yeah that was fun...