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Monday, June 4, 2012


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!
  Well, we are having electrical work done on our house this weekend so we had to buy all materials for that... AND OH MY LORD - Have you priced wire to wire a home lately???  HOLY CRAP!

Moving on before I scream...
  I finished a great book this weekend.  I highly recommend reading it.
It is called Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah.  It is very good, very moving story.  Actually a story within a story but I won't give it away.  Very neat story and worth the read.  Completely not something I would have normally read - BUT SO GLAD I DID.

  A new series, which actually just went off the air for the season, but I am TOTALLY addicted to, is Duck Dynasty.  It comes on A & E
  It is about the Duck Commander "family" that lives in West Monroe, LA... and a total must watch.
  Ok to watch with the kids too.  I am telling you, you will be HOOKED.

Jace and Si are my FAVORITES on the show, and they always end the show with a prayer before dinner.  They may have more money than sin, but you would never know it, and I think that is commendable and awesome.  :)
 Check it out.... Everyone needs a little redneck in their life 

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  1. Most of my family is either from Ohio or West Virginia...I already have a little redneck in my life. LOL

    I've tried watching those types of shows. I just can't do it. lol

    I'd much rather watch Criminal Minds, CSI, Law and Order or The Vampire Diaries.