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Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Instagrams for the Day

This was last night.... Right before it rained... all of 2 minutes.
   Really wish I had a garden planted this year. 
This is Ox.  You may or may not have seen him before.  He is the oldest dog we have, almost 12 - wait maybe he is 12.  Anyways, he is partially blind and has one nut.  Not that you wanted to know about his anatomy, but I have always refered to him as our blind one-nutted dog... What can I say.
He is one of the sweetest, most annoying, greatest dogs we have ever owned.  I love him.  He knows it.
See, he is smiling in this picture - he thinks he is getting a snackypoo.  My husband started that with him and now he expects one every day... turd.

Oh and he gives you shake - too cool.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!  Hugs!

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