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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Instagram Shots

Yep... when you have no kids, you tend to take pictures of your animals WAY.TO.MUCH.
  Apparently it is a problem I have.  When I look through the pics we have, 90% of them are of our animals... but it does bring good memories of the awesome ones we have lost and loved.

Here are a few shots from my instagram... which I still have no idea how to work.  Please don't judge.
  And yes, they will be of animals, landscape, or animals.  Sorry .. I lead a boring life.  What can I say.

This is our 19 year old one eyed, (blind in one eye) accident prone, very stubborn horse Smoke.  He just got done rolling in the round pen and this beautiful bay turned grey... Who would have thought!

This is Mouse, our 4 year old Chestnut horse... Excuse the thing he is eating out of, he is not in his normal place right now, so he usually eats out of a real feed thingy.  He is named Mouse because he is always in your pocket, in your business.  What I love most about this animal, is his tail... it drags the ground.  His mane is beautiful too... wish I would have taken a pic of that.  Maybe next post.

This was taken last night.  I was trying to showcase the bull bats flying around.  It was awesome.. in a please stay over there and don't come over here kinda of way.  And of course you can't see a one in this pic...
  They are there I promise!
If you want my user name just let me know.
On another note...
  There is a plague that has hit our office.  Literally half of our office is out sick.  2 went to ER this weekend it was that bad.  I have antibacterial hand sanitizer on my desk, have sprayed my desk and office about a dozen times, walked around office spraying everything.  I can't afford to be out. 

Please send a prayer, good feeling, whatever you can our way that everyone gets better!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Love the horses and that last shot is so pretty. Hope you don't catch the plague. Hand washing, don't touch your face and wear a surgical mask to work if you have to. My mom used to. lol