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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


  Just wanted to know if anyone can answer this question for me??


Albeit, it was a crazy, dontwanttogobackthere type of month, It seems like I blinked and Well, Hello May!

As you all know what happened the first few weeks of April, let's hope and pray May is awesome and issue free.

HA... who am I kidding.  This is the crazy life I live and the black cloud that never seems to go away, just fades to grey.

Speaking of Grey -
  Has anyone read Fifty Shades of Grey?  And did you know it was a FANFICTION story first?

WOo Hoo!!

I haven't had the chance to read much, please see previous posts.  Life has been crazy.  Sun is staying out longer, meaning I am outside until 9 pm, meaning dinner is late, bed is late, and I usually wake up tired.  Go figure.

Good News - We got a new bushhog... Woo Hoo!

Creasy is out of the house in his new fancy smancy kennel that is bigger than my kitchen, so he should be ok with that.  He *crosses fingers and knocks on wood* hasn't dug out yet, nor started barking so he is going with the flow.  I will say the poor thing is hot natured like his father and we will probably be getting him a small pool so he can stay cool during the upcoming months.  BUT, I do miss my little crazy pal to play with in the mornings and evenings, and now I only have the husband to talk to - so yeah I still talk to myself. LOL.

On a serious note, I am trying to eat better.  Clean.. no processed, wheat, no whites, veggies, fruits, etc...
  Anyone have any good recipes I should try out?  Or suggestions?



Hugs and Happy Tuesday First Day of May!

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  1. I just now started hearing about that book and had no idea it started out as fan fiction...what a lucky break for her.

    I'm the last person to ask about eating healthy...I stopped doing that a few years ago. LOL I eat what I want and don't give a damn anymore.

    Aww Creasy, that's such a cute name. I'm sure he'll love a pool.