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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life in my household last week

Seriously people I can't make this stuff up.
Working on taxes almost all day, and the program I am working on shuts down - LOSING everything I had been working on.  Mind you, my husband worked on the ROAD out of TOWN for 9 months out of the 12 last year.  So I had all mileage, food expense, hotel expense, RV expenses, etc etc for 9 months... It went **POOF** just like that.
   Finished getting it all done yesterday... Again.  ThankyouJesusMaryJoseph

Worked on taxes again, then took a break and headed to store.  My truck breaks down.  Well.. it now has a new A/C compressor and all new belts to the tune of $1000.  Wonderful.

  Lord is Risen!
Lunch was amazing.  After that the day was literally and utterly horrible.  What, No one pulled a gun on someone at your family's house??  Well, then you didn't have as much fun as us.  Oh, and another member of family had to be rushed to hospital.  Good times all around.

Something happened I just cant remember... maybe its for the best.

On my way to Dr's appt, and I am really thirsty so I stop in at CVS which is on way to Dr's office.  Getting out of Husband's BRAND NEW truck... see Saturday as to why... and GET BACKED INTO.
  2012 DODGE 3500.... Dude, really.  How did you not see it?  It is as big as the side of a barn.
Husband not happy, I'm not happy...

Comes to today... spent my entire lunch hour getting estimates.


Oh, and tomorrow is Friday the 13th.
  Think I should just stay hidden under the covers?  I do.

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