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Friday, January 6, 2012

She's Naked!!

Made you look huh?
  Dirty dirty thoughts people!

I was talking about the truck. 
Let me explain. 
Yes, the grass really is that dead around here.
Moving on.....
My husband, for those of you that do not know him, is a rig welder.... aka Pipeline Welder.  Poor thing, yes I know.  He hates it, but it pays the bills (when he is working.... but i digress)  It is a feast or famine type of job.  We have learned through the many years together... cough cough... going on an anniversary in April, that when he works, we stuff as much away as possible because we know sooner or later (usually sooner *knock on wood*) that he will be laid off and out of a job.  Hence the stuffing.

Long story short, we recently got rid of the Rig Truck aka Donkey.  Let me explain shortly.  We had a 99 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 that had a welding bed on it.  We LITERALLY replaced EVERYTHING on this truck but the motor. LITERALLY EVERYTHING.  I could post a list a mile long of what we replaced on this thing.  Well, I had had enough when the last time he came home, something else had to be replaced, and I had tallied up in my head that in the span of 6 weeks we had spent around $10,000 on this truck and one more freaking thing had to be fixed.... I.WAS.DONE.

Well, the 07 Dodge that we had previously purchased last year - which just had the motor replaced... and injectors replaced.... yeah great year 2011...great year, was sitting there I said to take it and make a rig truck and lets go get another truck.  And we did.  And it only took less than 1 1/2 hours to get a new truck, financed and out the door.  IF you have never dealt with Sour Lake Motor Company in Sour Lake, Texas.  I highly recommend it.

We went in, looked at three types of trucks and narrowed it down to two, sat down and said I don't want any bull, tell us what you can sell these to us for before we do anything else.  No question was asked what we could spend, what our payments wanted to be, NOTHING.  "Sure, be right back."  And they did.  They came right back with two pieces of paper telling us the bottom line of the trucks.  Seriously... in all of 10 minutes.  We gave info for financing, were by the way, and on our way within an hour.  It was great.  Easiest best place I have ever purchased a vehicle, ever.

On to the point.  The truck is naked.  This time tomorrow she will have a new welding bed put on her.... I know the hubby will be thankful, as will I.  Just wanted to share the story of the day. LOL

P.S. I have to say I have been a tried through and through Chevy fan for years.  BUT, was highly disappointed in 1. The Price, 2. Road Noise, 3. Lack of Power and 4. The Price.  So, we got a new shiny 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 - that I am sure in 5 years, when paid for, will be the next in line for a rig truck.  Yippie. 

Anywhoooo... This is what our weekend will entail.  It is a LOT of work switching beds out.  No fun for the hubby.

Have a wonderful weekend you beautiful people out there!!

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