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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New addictions

Ok, so I am an addict.  There I admitted it.

Here are the two latest addictions.... alas they are healthy, but I still have butt/thigh and belly fat.  Guess I shouldn't have had those donut holes this morning.  Damn the luck.

1st addiction:

Thanks to Pioneer Woman, she mentioned these in one of her blog posts.  I was in the grocery store to help with my second addiction, and came upon these.  Thought I would give them a try after the rave reviews.  OH MY GOD!   Easy to peel, sweet flavor and no seeds.  WIN WIN and WIN!

If you haven't tried these, do it.  $3.99 a bag at Kroger.  I have had three a day... I mean I have had one a day ;)  Guess it is better than eating something bad huh?

2nd Addiction:

Yes.   Spinach Shake.

Here is what I throw in mine:

1 scoop whey protein chocolate
2 handfuls of baby spinach
2 handfuls of ice cubes
1/2 banana or 1 apple (cored) or both
1 teaspoon low fat peanut butter
1/2 cup Almond Milk (40 cal. version)

So. Freaking. Good.

Fills me up and tastes really good.  Seriously give it a whirl.  Don't judge the color.  If you want to change the color add in blueberries.

Any suggestions for weight loss recipes - easy ones.  My rolls are fighting my rolls.  Teehee.

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  1. Weight loss just got a cheesecake from the cheesecake factory I doubt that is weight friendly but I don't care...