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Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Winter Time in Texas People

Yes, that is what we like to call 24 degrees.  Brr. Freaking. Rabbit.

God Bless my friend and good neighbor for helping with a busted pipe at 10 pm at night in this cold weather.  Thank you Joel.  You and Dana are the best!!!!

Smoke is in the barn, warm as could be.  The dogs have hay AND pine shavings in their houses, and needless to say last night they didn't come out of the houses to even say Hi to me.  Rude!  Ok, Pokey did, and he gave me lots and lots of kisses on the face... Shh, don't tell my husband.  :)

I will say this week has been the week from hell.  Literally horrible week.  BUT - it is almost over so I am happy about that.

Four wheeler wouldn't start, LED Flashlight (BRAND NEW) stopped working, pipe busted under house, ran out of duck tape to tape the pipes with, having woman issues, almost got in wreck this morning causing the pie I made last night to go flying.  Pie was fine people, thanks for asking about me  :)

AGAIN, Week is almost over so that is awesome.  I am happy, healthy and thankful so everything is good. 

PLUS I have almost all of my Christmas shopping DONE!!!! Who would have thought?  I am sure when I get it all out and into piles, my hubby and I will look at each other and go... That's it? and go shopping again.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and blissful weekend!

Oh, and Creasy says HI!
Our little stinker is getting big! He sits, stays, retrieves, and is hilarious....

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  1. Omg he is getting so big and so cute.
    We all have weeks from hell from time to time. I hope your week gets better. Busted pipe? Oh dang, that sounds messy. Glad you had someone to help you with that.

    hope you have a great Christmas.