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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Two Post Day

Because you probably thought I was in hiding or something, I thought I would share two posts today.
  Because it's my blog and I can do that if I want. 

Meet Creasee... Like Creole but with a see at the end.
   He got his name, God Bless my husband, because of the crease in his forehead.  It is prominent people.  He has lots of skin to grow into, bless his little heart.  And because my husband has a way with words... Obviously. Yep, he is all mine. 
Creasee....   His ears are my undoing.  I think they are precious.  I grab them and rub them when I don't feel good, or am tired and want something soft to cuddle.  Puppies are awesome for the most part.  HELLO PUPPY BREATHE!!!  Oh and don't be fooled by the grass in the picture.  It is all dead.  As a door nail.  No rain hence no grass.   Creasee is a little camera bug.  Seriously this dog loves getting his picture taken, but thinks he has to be right up on it to get a good shot.  Not happening kiddo. 
  Here are some more pics of the little heathen.

Who would have thought Old Man Ox and Creasee would be friends?  They get along SO well!  Ox puts up with Creasee jumping on him and wanting to play all the time... and he even plays with him.  It is great to watch.  He is like my second hand watching over him while we are outside.  No Ox is not his daddy, but they do kinda look alike in these pictures... Pokey is his daddy.... I think... Right?
Second post coming up!  :)

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