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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Morning Blues

Yeah, I am sure I had them yesterday too, but I wasn't as sleepy and was still really happy from seeing my husband.
  So now it is Tuesday.  He is gone and I no longer have two puppies in my house.  I am sad.  Plus tomorrow I am delivering another puppy.  I will have two left. Sad again.
  BUT I did check on the two boys I sold and they are doing really really good.  Awesome feeling knowing they are already loved.  Made my day yesterday knowing they are ok.

We had a great weekend though.  I was busier than a rat in a grain house Saturday cleaning, washing clothes, washing puppies, getting puppies ready to go, delivering puppies, cooking, and then my hubby came home and it made it all better!  But then stupid Sunday came around and he had to leave again.  This working out of town crap sucks just FYI.
  Oh well, someone's got to make the biscuits right?  I am just making the flour to help make the biscuits... LOL
It was COLD this morning in Southeast Texas..  If you are not from here, you should know our version of cold is like 50.  Seriously people.  I had to turn my heater on in the bathroom.  My horses are feeling frisky and so are the big dogs... Ox - my old somewhat blind white lab, the keeper of the grounds, and ding bat of all ding bats, was feeling especially frisky at 6 am this morning.  Have you ever woken up after a crappy nights sleep, to go outside to feed at 6 am when it is still dark, so you are beyond pissy to walk outside to a dog that is GLORIOUSLY excited???  It is rather frustrating because I cant stay pissy when he is like this.  Seriously it is like a jackrabbit on crack when he is like this.  Jumping up and down, running around me like he is 3 years old again..... poor old man forgets tomorrow or even this evening he will be hobbling because he forgot he is 11.  That is 77 in human years.  BUT, it does the trick every time and gets me smiling and laughing at 6 FREAKING AM.  Because he is a dork, he is my buddy and I love him.  Yes he can be annoying as hell, but aren't all family members?  When he can't see me looking it is nice to see he lying on the front porch in the evenings making sure no boogie men get to the house.  It makes me grateful that God put 4 legged family members on this earth to bring us joy.  :)  No matter what kind they are.  Horses, hamsters, dogs... If you love them and they are part of your family that is all that matters, right?

Here are some pics of Ox.  The second pic he is being really sweet and waiting on me to pet him. 

It is October.....

Where did September go??????

Oh yeah, I turned a year older and forgot the month... Great, I really am losing it.

I do love this time of the year though.  I wish I had a job outside during fall and spring.  It is the best mood booster, besides Ox when he is feeling good, in the world!  Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year too... I ordered my Halloween costume for this year.  I am going to be an Indian Maiden.  What exactly is an Indian Maiden... why can't they just say an Indian Woman?  Why does she have to be a Maiden?
  Just curious.
My husband LOVES Halloween more than any other holiday.  We always get dressed up and go to Houston to different places.  It makes for a great time and we always have fun. 
  I am going to attempt to make Halloween Oreo Cupcakes for our Halloween festival at work.... Wish me luck. 
  Ummmm, cupcakes and cookies......
Wait, I have to be an Indian Maiden, I can't dream about bad stuff like that!  I have to loose like 40 lbs.... I will settle for like 10.  Is it possible to loose that much by Halloween??? 
Have a wonderful day..... Hope you have an Ox that makes your Tuesday Morning Blues a little bit better!


  1. I know exactly what you mean. Every morning Bush (the cat) waits until I am otherwise pre-occupied in the bathroom so he can walk in on me and tell me good morning. Then Ashlynn (the dog) stands in the door (now opened by the cat) and stares at me with one eyebrow raised wanting to know why I even act like I like the cat when all she wants is a scratch between the ears! They soooo love me!

  2. awwww he's so cute.
    I don't have dogs or cats, I have 4 rats and I just love the little guys.

  3. He's so cute! I want to go to Houston with you guys for Halloween... Mike and I know no such fun! Live it up for us! :)

  4. He is a just a big ol lump of Awww's!!! I'm kind of partial to yellow labs, myself. And geez this dude just makes my heart sing.

    He totally made my day a bit better :) ~Megan