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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Tuesday again, Book Review and Prize I won

It is my Grandmother's 87th birthday today.
  87 years.  That is a lot of memories, lots of love and triumph through many hard and glorious times, to come out still on top.   My grandmother is a little spit fire, no really, she has the red hair to prove it.
  She is a beautiful woman inside and out, and whom I hope to be a fraction of one day.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANNY GRUNT!!!!!!
  So I called her today and started to sing Happy Birthday to her.... Guess what she said???
She said, do you think maybe you could have sent me a card instead of that????
I about swallowed my tongue.  God love this Woman~  She is amazing.

I still have two puppies left, and I don't know if we will get rid of the other one or not, as I have become fond of them both.... dadgumit.  I can't have two though, right?  It feels like I have twins in the house, breaking up fights, making them share food, comforting them when the other one hurts them.  Cleaning up poop and pee... Yep pretty much like having newborns. LOL.
On another note, I have a Book Review I want to share.
  Actually Three.  I read all three in two days time.  You can't put these books down. Period.
The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and MockingJay
    THESE BOOKS ARE AMAZING!!!  Suck you in from the get go. LOTS of action, drama, suspense, a few loves stories and so much more.  TOTALLY worth reading.  I really can't explain how awesome these books are.  I would recommend these to anyone.  Thanks Stephanie, it's all your fault.

I also read Blind Faith by CJ Lyons.  It was a pretty good read... suspenseful, dramatic, etc. 

Oh and I also read The Rooms by James Rubart.  It is a Christian Novel that really makes you think.  WONDERFUL book.  This book has you guessing and thinking the entire time.  Wonderfully written, keeps you enthralled, excited and you can't put it down.  Good thinking book too.

I received my prize from Kitchen Concoctions website today.  I won a free 5 lb bag of Whole Wheat Flour, a huge Gold Metal bin to put said flour in, and lots and lots of recipes for said flour!  Plus the jar is blue, my favorite color!  SO excited!  This is what I got:

Well, Have a wonderful week!!!!!!!


  1. Congratulations on the prize.
    There are some books that are hard to put down like the ones you read. I read probably one book a day.

  2. It's really not my fault - it's Jennifers! She gave the books to me - all I did was read them and tell you about them! Anyway - you finished before me!

  3. That sounds just like Aunt Polly! What a fun story!