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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Puppies Update

So the boys will be 3 weeks old tomorrow.  They are a handful in the best way right now!  They are getting SOOOOO cute, lots of puppy breath, growling and playing going on.  FUN times people.
  Here is an updated picture of a few of them.  Yeah, taken with new smartphone.... sigh.
They will be started on puppy food probably this weekend, seeing that they have been trying to get into Momma's food bowl and gum her food (which is puppy food so it's ok).  I was freaking out when I saw that they were eating her food - or at least trying to.  Kind of reminded me of an old man with his dentures out gumming his food. 

Ok enough of the puppies.... but they are so stinking cute!!

My husband hit a deer this morning with his truck.  Another huge s**sigh** inserted here.  Thank GOD for Ranch Hand bumpers.  Yes, truck got messed up, but near as much as it would have if that 100 lb. bumper wouldn't have been on the front.  Poor deer.  Poor poor deer.  I really really do not like it when an animal dies at my hands or my husbands - accidental or not.  I makes me feel so bad. 

Well I hope everyone has a great wonderful glorious day - Watch out for the deer...

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