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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is it Friday yet?

So yesterday was my brother's birthday.  And my birthday.
  He told me I was the best worst present he ever got.  He really wanted a motorcycle, but got me instead.  I don't blame him, motorcycle's are way cooler... LOL

Little tidbit about the family.  My brother and I are born on the same day.  My father and his brother were born on the same day.  Weird huh?

   I am 29 and holding dadgumit, and that is the last I will talk about it.
I did receive some awesome gifts.   I received the following:
   A Double J Saddlery purse from my husband that I have been oogling over for the last two years.  It looks like this:
The purse is so much prettier in person... I have gotten MANY compliments on it.
  Plus I got this from the hubby too:

It's a cuff, and cute!

Then he got me these.  Don't judge.  They may or may not be kid's size.  I said Don't judge, it's not nice.

I got to see my family on Saturday night too, and they took us to eat at one of my favorite restaurants: Floyd's.  It was super yummy.  My sweet aunt got a Vera Bradley purse in Night and Day (black and white).  Sorry no pic, for some reason I couldn't download it.

Then yesterday at work, I got the sweetest sweetest card from my co-workers.  Made my day.
  The Twilight Edward card I got, made me smile all day too.... Yum.  It was filled with quotes from the books, and also played Eclipse music. Love.It.
I got lunch from Olive Garden and a $25 gift card to Amazon!!!!! Woo Hoo - books for my Kindle. PLUS - I got COOKIES and CAKE.
  I will not say how much weight I gained.  It is not to be discussed.  I will start on P90X again this week.  I have to.  These love handles are not handling themselves.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.  Oh and if anyone knows anyone that wants a puppy - I have 4 for sale!

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