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Thursday, September 22, 2011

HELP!!! How do I choose which puppy to keep?

So this is the dilemma in the Smith household lately.  Which puppy to keep. I went as far as posting an ad on the internet to let people know they are for sale, and then took it down.
  How do you choose which puppy to keep?????  Anyone?
  I have it narrowed down to three... seriously there are only five of the little buggers.  There is the runt, so sweet and inquisitive.  Tonka, the biggest of them all, but he is so bad.  So.Bad.  Brian says he has the best nose out of all of them, which he might, and he is the prettiest.  Then there is this little fellow... the best of both worlds. I want this one.  I may have to fight my husband. What do you think?  He is not white like the other two.. but seriously, look at that face!
I need help, and SOON. They will be six weeks old and ready to find new homes on Oct. 5th!


  1. You're not going to be happy giving any of them away, but you will have more peace in your house! Pick the one that brings you the most joy, that you THINK will give you the least frustration - and then DON'T change your mind!

  2. I agree, pick the one that won't turn your household upside down, the one that you just can't bare to part with.

  3. Ditto! This little guy looks pretty cute to me!!!