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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fun day Monday - Wait it's Tuesday?

What?  Where did the weekend go... and it was a long one too!
  So, Mother Nature and GOD is blessing our area with absolutely wonderful positively crisp and gorgeous weather this week.  Honestly people, this is the most awesomeness of weather.  Its like fall and spring mixed into one with BEAUTIFUL blue skies. 
  Of course, We did have Tropical Storm Lee bring us some much needed rain... dare I say.
Weather was nasty this weekend.  I would have forgone the rain if it would have meant that the rest of Texas would not be enduring such horrible horrible wild fires.  Mr. Lee brought rain and wind.  He brought wind every else in Texas.... BAD THING WITH FIRES.  They are literally everywhere right now.  Not.good.
  I have asked any and everyone to say some prayers for Texas right now not only for the worst drought ever, but for the horrific wild fires that are going on right now. 
  Here is a picture that my husband took at the RV park he is currently staying at while working.  That is the sun.... surrounded by wilfire smoke.  Too close for my comfort.

I did get to see my husband, albeit very shortly, this weekend too!!! WOO HOO!
My hubby got to meet the puppies.  Puppies, meet your grandad, grandad meet the puppies.
  I don't think they got to excited.  Actually, I don't think they even woke up.  They were more than disappointed to know that when they got picked up, that grandad didn't have milk.  They are starting to walk, even though they can't see... or hear.  So they are kinda like me heels, running into the walls, etc.

The runt is now almost as big as the other boys..... Trust me, he has been trying to make up for being pissed off at the world because he was born so small, and has been eating non stop.  Trust me, Tinkerbell has not had a moments peace.  :)
  Happy Monday Tuesday!
Please pray for Texas - and the world at this point... seems we are all going down in flames these days.

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