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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Freebies and Update on Puppies

Ok so I am starting with the puppies... Yes out of order I know...but that should not be a surprise.
  Puppies have opened their eyes!!!!
He fell asleep in mom's food bowl, here he is below sleeping.

And yes, my dog Tink is deranged and pushes all the newpapers out of the kennel everyday!?!  Not frustrating or anything. 

Enjoy this gorgeous weather we have been having here in lower Texas, minus the crappy fires, and relish in it people because it means only one of two things: We will be having really hot weather coming, or a dareIsay tropical storm or hurricane.  Bleh....

On another note - Check out and see all the deals she has posted.  Freebies people - Freebies!
  Plus really good coupons.

Also, to all September B-day people - Happy Birthday!
  This is gonna be short and sweet, but what can I say - I have to work.  :(

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  1. How adorable are those puppies?! Love the post - thanks for the freebie heads up - I'll have to go check that out.