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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Deer vs. Truck

Who do you think won?
   We bagged the FIRST EIGHT POINT of the year.... but didn't get to keep him... and he was already tenderized. No fair.
Sorry this is kinda gross... but that is the mood I am in today I guess.
  One question.... why didn't he at least move the deers hooves out of his antler's??
  My husband hit this deer on his way to work yesterday morning.  Thank GOD for Ranch Hand bumpers or we would be dealing with a total loss today.  I work insurance, I know.  Truck bumper got most of the damage, damage done to front of truck, interior of truck dash fell apart, but other than that it is ok. 
  I feel so bad for the deer and hope it went fast.  But, I am also very glad my husband is ok.  He thought it was a doe he hit and had to stop and see for himself yesterday evening.  He was surprised it was an Eight Point buck...

  On that note, I think I will go eat a salad for lunch.  No meat for me for a few days.

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