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Friday, September 9, 2011


Today is Friday, September 9th 2011.
In two days it will be 9/11/2011.  Ten years after the worst moment in America's history. 

  It is a moment I will never forget. Ever, for as long as I live.
  It angered me, saddened me, made me fearful for my family and friends and made me want to fight back.
  I still want to... all of the above.
  I still cry every time a special comes on and I see men and women talk about what happened that day. 
  It pisses me off.
  It dumbfounds me that this could happen in our back yard, even still today.
  It makes me proud that so many Americans, from every nationality, came together to help their fellow American when this happened.  SO proud.
  It also makes me so mad and disheartened that one group of people could do this to a nation just because their views and ideologies are different.  To me that is hatred at its best.
  It still makes me fear for my fellow Americans, family and friends.
  It makes me so glad that I know God, and that I know He is in control.  I put all my fears, worries in His hands and pray that He will protect this nation, especially now with the shape that it is in.
  It amazes me the strength, undying love and selflessness that happened that horrific day.

It will never be forgotten.

This was once a great nation.  I want it to be that way again. 
(Sure, it is still an awesome country, it is just not as it once was.  Don't mistake my words as unAmerican, I just speak what I feel)

Never Forget.  9-11-2011


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