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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Tinkerbell, our yellow lab, had puppies yesterday!
  Here is a picture of the little rug rats....
The one in the middle, the runt, has got to be the loudest puppy I have ever seen!  Baby has a set of lungs on him.
  They are all boys.  I came home yesterday and noticed a few white spots in Tinkerbell's kennel and about died!!! I didn't know for sure Tink was prego or not, because last time we tried to get her pregnant, she went through the whole process, big bags and all and never had puppies.  Well, I was in shock when I got home. THREE of the SIX puppies had somehow managed to crawl out of her kennel...  One of them - the biggest, prettiest and ONLY female didn't make it.  She crawled too far away from the kennel and the ants attacked her.  It literally broke my heart.  I had to bury my little girl puppy yesterday.  Heartbroken. 
  SO.... to avoid another crawling episode, and heartbreak episode, I loaded all the babies in a box, and set up house inside.  Tinkerbell took to the house like a duck to water.  She is SUCH a good momma!  Poor baby was so tired yesterday evening, when I went to pet her she feel asleep in my hand. 
  Let me get back to the runt.  This little guy is half the size his sister was, but he doesn't know it.  He crawls faster than the rest and did I mention the set of lungs little guy has?
  I have been wanting to go home all day and see how they are doing.  I will update later and hopefully have a few more pics.  Wish me good luck.  I NEED SLEEP!!!!!!!

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  1. They are so cute! Sorry you lost your girl... that's so sad. At least the little one is keeping you busy! Love ya!