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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I have a love hate relationship with Texas right now

As if the title wasn't long enough?  Seriously, sometimes I surprise myself. 
  I love living in Texas.  The people are so nice (Mostly), when you get passed on the road people always wave, or let you know a cop is around, we usually don't have to deal with snow, the food is awesome, and there are so many more things I could say... so many.
But, Here is my hate relationship right now:

IT IS FREAKING HOT!  102 degrees - REALLY? Really?  I walk outside and start sweating instantly.  Not just a few beads of sweat, I am talking within five minutes the crap is running down my face.  Oh forget the fact that I actually took the time to put on make up and blow dry my hair.... Um, for what?  So that I can look like I walked through a sprinkler five minutes later???  I have to feed the dogs and horses in this crap.  Poor things, at 7 am in the morning they are already starting to sweat.  Smoke, our blind in one eye and very accident prone horse, not to mention highly allergic to pretty much everything but air, gets to stand in his new stall with the industrial fan blowing on him.  He is the only lucky one on the farm.  Ox, our blind one nutted dog, has taken it upon himself to go hang out with Smoke all day - apparently not so much for the company, but for the fan.  Turd.  For some strange reason, Smoke, the horse that hates everyone and everything is letting him hang out.... guess its just too damn hot to mess with it.
  I am not saying, that when I am cleaning his stall out every evening, after I have sweated out a gallon of water, that I don't stop and take the time to stand in front of said fan.  Nope, I cowgirl up.... after I stand in front of said fan so that I don't pass out.  LOL
  Two years ago while helping my husband build fence, I had a mild heat stroke.  Let me tell you that was fun.  For two days I tried to recover from the poising that the sun gave me.  Puking, shakes, migraine, and going to the bathroom every five minutes.  Needless to say, I can barely be out in the sun too long anymore.  It hits me like a ton of bricks now.  I feel like a complete failure.... I can't hang with the boys anymore.... Do you see my sad face?  :(

  In all seriousness....

My husband has to work out in this heat everyday.  With a tshirt and welding shirt, welding cap, and welding hood - WELDING.  I honestly just don't know how he does it.  I appreciate what he is doing for us more than he will ever know, and worry about him constantly.  It is bad enough he is a welder for a living.  Worrying comes with the territory, but when you add in this heat then I worry more. 
  If you believe in a supreme being, please say a little prayer from my husband, and the men and women that have to work in this awful mess.  Please also say a prayer that the South - Oklahoma and Texas gets rain... Lots of rain.... and very soon.  My brother-in-law is a fifth generation cattleman rancher, that just had to sell off his remaining cattle because there is no water, and will be no hay for the winter.  This is affecting more farmers and ranchers than it ever has.  It is humbling and heartbreaking.  Men that have been in this business for generations and generations - this is literally all the know - are having to throw in the towel.  They need God's help right now.   

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