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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hello all

Yes, I suck at blogs.  Big shock there. 
   Let me explain why I have been so crazy busy.  In the last month or two all of this has happened:

1.  New used truck - engine had to be replaced, then injectors had to be replaced.  This all took a month. And was expensive.
2.  Old truck - all kinds of stuff had to be replaced on it, expensive stuff
3.  A/C unit- has frozen up three times; repairman informs us it is old and ready to die.  Wonderful.  Love  sleeping in 100 degree weather with no a/c - Good times
4.  Hot Water heater - died, hubby fixed for now
5.  Ex Brother-in-law passed away and our nephew found him.  Sad sad funeral
6.  Great Uncle passed away - wonderful man
7.  Mother and Father in law - both medically not ok, and do not get out of the house without any kind of assistance
8.  Water Well is making crazy noises
9.  Old truck died yesterday, overheated, thermostat had to be replaced
10. Gave away my horse Gus to a friend

I am sure there is a lot more I am forgetting or blocking out, LOL.  So that has been the fun stuff I have been dealing with the last several weeks.
  One good this is - WE GOT SOME RAIN.  Of course after everything that was planted is now dead and gone.  BUT, we got rain, which means I do not have to frantically worry about water tables and grass for the horses. 

We started P90X two weeks ago and HOLY HANNAH, wow.  It is an awesome workout, and even though I feel like a total failure I am making it through most.  The Yoga is AWESOME and made me hurt everywhere.  Literally.  I think my toes even hurt.  I am also on and love tracking what I eat, and what I am burning in calories when I exercise.  Great motivation on this site as well. 

Coupons - IF anyone has any of their favorite sites, please let me know.
Here are some of mine:

And my all time favorite blog for cooking and just to make me smile:

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  1. OMG Amber!!! I'm so sorry things have been so stressful! You have a great light-hearted attitude about it all though... hope you get a break this weekend! :)