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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Things :)

So since my last post was so debbie downer, I thought I would make this one better.   Bring a little sunshine to the table so to speak.
  I wanted to share the good things happening in my life:

1. My truck is almost, almost like $1500 left to pay for and no more note.
2. I got to spend time with my little buddy, almost-brother Troy. AND my niece turned 15, is gorgeous and taller than me.  She really is beautiful.
3. My hubby is still home and has been working in this area - Woo Hoo!
4. I have a J.O.B.
5. I am healthy, blessed and happy
6. I finally put my cousin JoAnna's beautiful print in my office at work - LOVE IT!
7. I have my office at work's decor coming along, walls are not barren anymore.
8. I am still using P90X, albeit not every single day, but still sticking to it.
9. Using is awesome and helps keep me accountable.
10. I have lost three lbs.  Need about 20 more.
11. I got some YellowBox shoes for $12.00 WOO HOO
12. I got a FREE Cuisinart Stand Mixer from my rewards points on my credit union debit card.  AWESOME!  Love it!

Ok, there is my sunshine for the day.  Life is good. 

Hope all is doing good.  Miss my friends!

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  1. Ahh, things are looking up! This made me smile on a Sunday night when we are all sulking around here that Monday is only a few short hours away! :(