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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where does the time go?

Honestly, I wonder where it goes.  It is like water that just keeps flowing, only at the pace of a really fast stream.  Ok, enough of the analogies. LOL
  Garden is almost dead, THANK YOU DROUGHT.  I have very few tomatoes left, BUT I am starting my second set of peas from the crop, so they are starting to come out.  My poor watermelons look horrible and are only as big as a softball still.  The big ones keep disappearing.... Who would have thought an 8 year old yellow lab that is partially blind would like watermelons, and cucumbers, and corn, and tomatoes.  Not this girl, but I guess I should come to expect it since we do own some of the strangest creatures God put on this earth.  Seriously, all of our animals are weird. 
  My husband is HOME!!!!!!  He is so happy to be back in the great state of Texas, and home where he gets his clothes washed, and home cooked meals, plus gets to hog the bed again.  Life is good.  Although he is home, he is working all the time still. NO complaining here.  Hopefully that means we will have the inside of the house finished and we will be in it before I am 80.
  I can't even remember what I wrote last, so I am just touching on the things that are popping to the top of my head.  Lord help Me!  LOL.
  It is raining as I type this.  I am putting this on record that on 6/22/2011 at 9:42 am it is raining.  Hard.  I almost forgot what that stuff looked like.  WOO HOOOOOOO!!!!  Keep it coming, minus tornadoes, lightning and hurricanes - Bring it.

On a side note, I watched parts of Marley and Me last night.  The book was SOOOO much better than the movie, but I still had a little bit of eye seepage.  If you have ever owned an animal, it will touch your heart to read the book or watch the movie.  It is so endearing, and true.  Animals become part of your family.  They know you better than you know yourself sometimes, and love you unconditionally no matter what.  That is hard to find in a human these days.  No offense.
  All of our animals are so sweet and spastic. LOL  The three labs we have all have completely different personalities.  It is hilarious to watch Tinkerbell.  She is spastic and funny, so blond its unimaginable how she can even walk sometimes.  She reminds me of me a lot, running into things, getting so excited about something trivial.  She is the sweetest dog, but would bite the piss out of you if she thinks you are gonna do her or her family harm.  Pokey.  Were do I start with him.  This is a dog I picked out.  I saved him.  I wanted him to be mine.  Is he??????  Not a bit.  He likes the occasionally loving on from me, but I am not a fleck of chicken shit compared to his master, my husband.  It is all his fault Pokey is the way he is now.  He can't sit still, always has to be moving and gets all up in your business no matter what.  You mention the word BIRD, and he goes ballistic.  Sits down, starts shaking and whining at the same time.  I asked my hubby how he would take him hunting like that, and he said " I didn't take him a lot because he would scare off the birds doing that stupid s#$t. "  Well, its his fault.  I am not bitter at all.  Nope, not one bit.
Ox.  Bless his heart.  This is the dog that for the last years has been the one that has been loose. No kennel, no dog collar, no chain, etc.  He is the one that doesn't like people.  Seriously, ask the meter man.  BUT, this is the dog that has won my heart the last two years too.  We figured out he is partially blind, by chance really.  I walked over to the barn, and Ox ran right past me and went into a fit because he couldn't find me.  All the while I am standing in the same spot calling his name.  Poor fella.  He now is like a herding dog.  He stays with you ALL THE TIME when you are outside.  While I am in the garden, and he is not stealing my loot, he will be sitting inches behind me breathing down my neck.  It was quite annoying at first, but now I enjoy the company most days.  The only people he lets touch him beside my and my husband are our good friends, and neighbors.  Don't tell anyone I like this dog ok, especially my husband. 
  Nope I don't have kids right now, and maybe never will.... but right now my little family consists of three dogs, and four horses, with one husband thrown in the mix.  I am happy, and content.  Life is good.  All the other crap that comes with it is just trivial.
  Note: this whole story could have been completely different if I didn't have coffee this morning and my husband wouldn't have sent me a sweet text message.  Amazing the power of sweetness and coffee. 
  I wish you all Good Day!  Hope its raining in your neck of the woods - if you need it.
 I tried to upload a pic of Pokey, but it didn't work.

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