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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where has our humanity gone?

I have been following a story about a dog since St. Patrick's Day and wanted to share it will anyone that will read it.  I am so disgusted by what some of our society has become.  Where has our humanity gone? 
  I see our race becoming worse and worse as a whole and it sickens me.  We are not only treating animals badly, and disgustingly, but we are now turning on our own as well.  You know what I am talking about, we hear the stories daily.  How does a person loose their empathy for a creature, or another human being?  I do not understand it. 
  People ask me all the time "Why don't you have kids?"  I have so many more answers for why I don't than is reasonable.  Sure, I know I could be a great mom and my husband a wonderful dad.  Will it happen one day - MAYBE.  I don't know.  If God has it in the cards, I will take it in stride and do everything in my being to provide for that life.  If you know me, you know that I am a little mother hen already, and would be one protective youknowwhat.  I am that way with my animals already.  I just don't understand where we as a human race are going, and why we are collapsing on ourselves.  It is sad.  Plain sad.
   Don't get me wrong, I am no debbiedowner, and do not think everything about us is wrong or bad.  I have seen sooooo much good, and just in this world too.  I just wish it out weighted the unjust, you know?  Again, if you know me - I really do try to see the good in everyone, and every situation (most of the time).  :)
  The story I want to share with you is about a dog, and the horrible, utmost horrific things he has been through.  I have posted a link below showing his story from St. Patrick's day to day.  I have followed him daily, and see hope.  Hope for him, hope for humanity.  Where there is evil , there is also Good.  I hope more God filled people will one day amass the Evil ones.  My hope is that we as a human race will one day make this world better, than worse.
  Here is the link.  Keep him in your animal prayers:

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