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Monday, February 28, 2011


Good News Monday!!!
  I got a new j.o.b.  Woo hoo.  It will be closer to the house, have benefits - paid health and pension... hello - I haven't had a pension plan since I was 18.  Yeah older me!  Retirement savings here I come.
  Hope you are having a great Monday.
  I have a blog of the week I am going to post later this week just because this girl is inspirational, like so nice is gross inspirational.
  P.s. Since the weather was so freaking sucky this weekend, no gardening was had my me.  BUT I did get some bell pepper plants, seeds for lettuce, cow peas and watermelon. YUMMMM.  Spring is so my favorite time of the year.  Except it hates my allergies so we kind of have a love hate relationship. 
Book I want to read this week: Ascension... Looks good.

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