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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Well, they call this Hump Day for a reason.  Here's to Happy Humping.
  That is all I could think to say... sorry.

In all seriousness, I truly hope that all the violence and unrest that is going on across the country and also oh so close to my homeland here in Texas - get a helluva lot better soon.  When did a person's life become so meaningless that people have no disregard for one another any more?  I just don't understand?
Hopefully something will happen in a good way - and soon.

Ok, on to my pet peeves of the day:

When I call a company and have to press one for English.  seriously?  SERIOUSLY?

When I go to a store and check out and the clerk does not acknowledge the fact of my existence, say hello - F-U, nothing.  When did customer service go out the freaking window?  I was not raised this way.  You say hello to everyone, you open the door for people (even if they don't thank you) and you say Thank you no matter what.  Again, where has this been lost?

When you are driving down the highway and someone pulls out right in front of you, when you are doing 70 mphs - and they are doing, oh let me see, FIVE mile per hour.....

Ok, enough rant for the day.

Hope all is well in the world today and that you and yours are absolutely AMAZING, Happy and wealthy.  May your God, or whomever, Bless you!

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