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Friday, February 25, 2011

FINALLY - Great weather

After pretty much a dismal and dreary week, alas it is Friday and GORGEOUS....
  Which brings me to my next subject.  Gardening.  I am so excited, my sweet husband called me today and said he almost broke his back hooking up the tiller to the tractor - WHICH MEANS I WILL GET ANOTHER GARDEN THIS YEAR!!! Wooo hooooo.
  If you don't know, I had a humongous garden last year.  Huge for two freaking people.  I mean, 10 tomato plants, about 40 sweet G-90 corn plants, about 25 red potato plants, green beans, crowder peas, purple hull peas, greens, bell pepper, squash, a crap load of cucumbers, banana peppers, onion, - I know there is more I am forgetting.
  Needless to say it was a LOT of work, but we had a LOT of veggies.  And since I am the veggie eater, I sold a lot of the excess.  I loved it though - Minus the copperhead snake that came nanomillimeter from biting me as he was coiled inside my tomato plant, it was dusk and I was reaching in the bottom to grab a mater...Ran like a school girl screaming with arms and legs flailing everywhere. Literally looked like I was on some sort of crazy juju.  I think pee almost ran down my legs.  Thankfully my cool neighbor and husband took care of him for me.  I didn't pick tomatoes for three days afterwards.
  There are two things I despise.  Snakes and spiders. I live where we have an abundance of both.  *yeah me*
  I digress, sorry.  Point is I am getting another garden, hopefully smaller... but I love gardening.  :)  Who knew!  SO happy with nice weather, and to know I get to plant and grown some food.  Especially since food prices are going through the roof - wait isn't everything?

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