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Monday, February 28, 2011

Charlaine Harris and Most recent addiction

Charlaine Harris - author of the Sookie Stackhouse series, aka True Blood, is awesome.  I have read every one of her Sookie books and love them.  Books are always better than movies or series - but truly HBO have it nailed as to what I thought Sookie, Eric and Bill would look like... and how they would act.  I have also read a few of her other "mini series" and have never been disappointed.  She is brilliant.  Check her out.
  Also, since I have DirecTv (geez you would think one of the two I am mentioning here are sponsoring me or something.. LOL) we got the freebie weekend of Starz.  I do not know if you guys have ever watched the Spartacus series or not, but I was totally addicted last year, and thank GOD my husband bought the entire season 1 for me for Christmas.  He got addicted as well.  It is hot.  Nothing else has to be said. Freaking Hot.
  Well, during the freebie weekend for Starz channels I came upon Camelot. LOVE IT!!!! Wish I had Starz,  so sad I do not.  I don't care how many times someone retells this story, and the different ways it is done, it usually comes out well.  This one does not disappoint either.  Hope to get season one on dvd this year too.  We will see. :)

 WOW - Two posts in one day.  Holy Hannah what is going on here?

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  1. I love the show but haven't read the series. All my friends give me such grief about it but I'll get to them soon.