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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Start of new blog for 2011

I would like to start a blog where people can come on here, comment, suggest ideas, vent, - did I mention vent - and basically try to uplift your day.  I hope 2011 makes everyone happy, rich as hell and healthly!
  While I sit here typing, I am freezing my fingers off.  Literally.  I think they fell off and I am using nubbins or something.  I did not sleep well last night, so I went to McDonald's and got a hot chocolate thinking that would make the world so much better.  Well, not so much.  When did hot freaking chocolate become $2.20 for a small????   I could have spent $.40 more and got the oh so yummy, oh so bad for you Mocha McFrappe', but my head was screaming no to the calories and my thighs were screaming, WOOHOO feed me hefer.  Eventually my head won, poor thighs.  Um, hello, I can get a butternut from the store and make my own for like $.50.  True, it would not be in a nice fancy (hehhehe) McDonald's cup, and someone else wouldn't have made it, but it would be just as good, trust me on this.  Trust.Me.
  That is my rant for the morning.  Hot chocolate costing $2.20.  I can't make this stuff up people!  I think this blog will also be my way of letting people know just how cheap I am.   Hope you all have a wonderful, glorious, Butternut hot chocolate filled day!! 


  1. We are SO related... in LOVE with the mocha frappe (headed out the door at the mention of this sin) and totally in it for the deals (cheap)! Love ya, Mo

  2. Seriously - Who came up with this thing, the Devil himself because it was no woman... Um, Hello thighs, let me go ahead and spackle it on because that is straight where it goes! SO Flipping good though. Woo hoo... we could totally go shopping and never spend over $40 and get tons of stuff. LOVE IT.