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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The new Gun Control Debate

OK, so my topic today is not about McDonald's - Holy Hannah- I know~
  I wanted to put my two cents in about the whole gun control topic... after what happened in AZ, bless their souls, and the crazy man that did it,  has now brought the topic of gun control or new law changes to the table. 
  What was done is horrible in the most horrific sense.  Families and the American people are forever changed  because of it.  May God Bless them and keep the families close to His heart during this time.

  Begin Rant:
  First off, I am from Texas and most everyone carries a gun, or owns about 10.  LOL.  Guns are what we have, especially if you live in the country.  It is a way of life, and a way to keep life... especially if you live close to Houston. (sorry, it is getting pretty bad in parts of Houston now)
  I don't talk politics or religion with most anyone, because it causes to many issues, and let's face it - people are entitled to their opinions. Last time I checked that is.
  Saying guns and ammo are causing a problem is kinda ridiculous.  It is not the guns and ammo.  It is the people.   Owning a car, and getting on the freeway is no different than owning a gun.  A car is about 2000 lbs of possible death on wheels, whereas a gun is just faster, smaller and more lethal.  We do not limit the amount of cars or trucks people own, yet people get into wrecks daily.  People are killed more often in a car accident than a gun shot wound.  People can drive through a mob of strangers with a car and do just as much damage.  The only reason I am bringing the car into the picture is to give you an example.  I like something to compare things to when I am talking and it was one of the first things that came into my mind.  Cars are deadly, yes, so are guns.  Is gun control going to help the situation - no.  It is taking away a right.   Crazy people should not own or have access to guns. AT.All.
  Gun control is not the option.  PEOPLE control is. 
Last time I checked, that is one of the few things that made our country stand out.  The right to bare arms.... freedom.  It is one reason countries have not invaded the United States.  They know every red blooded American has the right, and usually does, own fire arms and will protect their family no matter what.  Add in the Armed Forces and that is A LOT OF AMMO people!  Especially down South!  It is one thing I take Pride in as an American.  The right to Keep and Bear Arms. 
I just hope that the powers that be keep this in mind and do the right thing. 
Ok - End Rant. 
Have a wonderful and Blessed Day!

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