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Monday, January 17, 2011

Gas Prices and my Monday Gripe

OK, I just want to know why gas is $3 a gallon.  Can someone please tell me why?
  I did the math... It is costing me $15 a day (roughly) just to get back and forth to work.  That is 5 days a week costing me, $75 a week, $300 a month.  Um, HELLO!!!!!!!
  That is a part time job.  Please explain to me why it is so high????  Wish I had a bus or train I could take, and not have to deal with the high cost of driving over 40 miles one way, but I don't.... Nor do I have anyone I could car pool with.  ANY SUGGESTIONS????

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  1. It is crazy. I refuse to fill my car all the way up. If this is what it is now, what in the world will it be in the summer. I did some reading and I found that when the economy gets better the prices go up. It not that much better!! I will get some of your groceries for you and maybe that will save you a trip to town. I wish I had a better fix for ya sister, but I don't. Maybe some cookies will help.