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Friday, January 14, 2011

Forgive me Father....

Forgive me Father for I have sinned....
  It is not my fault, really.  It is Ronald McDonald's fault.  He should not make his McFrappe's so McFreaking good.  Seriously, if you have not tried a Mocha McFrappe, be overjoyed that you were not in on the sin within.  It is like a chocolate coffee milkshake, with chocolate.  Lots of chocolate.  Nothing this good is good for you.  So I searched online until I found how many calories my little "party in a cup" was.  Holy Mother of Pearl and Back!!!!!!   Over 300 Calories and Enough sugar to bake cookies on my butt.  Oh wait, the sugar went straight there, so never mind.  Wonderful....One MORE thing I have to try to stop myself from indulging and secretly admiring from afar.  Why doesn't McDonald's have a Healthy McFrappe?  Does Starbucks?  I really don't go to McDonald's every day - I try to stay away as much as possible... But I have been having this love affair with the McFrappe's and they pull me in every once in a while.  NOT ANY McFreaking More!  Oh, and since I am on my little rant, the Medium cost me $3.02.  I could have saved the money and calories and tried the new Subway Melt for breakfast instead... Or - and here's a thought- made my own.  I tend to bring my breakfast and lunch; breakfast usually consisting of dry cereal in a bag.  Yum. 
  Since I am trying to pay down debt this year, I thought I would say farewell to the McFrappe's.  I might have shed a small tear.
  Well, I am off to see the Wizard... But I am still trying to find the yellow brick road that doesn't lead me to McDonald's and the McFrappe goodness.  Oh how you will be missed old friend... I now say adu.  :( 
p.s. I do not own the pictures or copyrights... for whatever it is worth.

Oh and if anyone has any ideas on savings ideas, or ways to pay down debt, good sites for coupons, etc etc... I am all about it.  That is one of my goals for 2011... Pay down debt so we don't have to worry about it, plus it would be nice to pay off some crap. 

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  1. Ah man! You picked me up and threw me down just now. No wonder I gained 7 pounds last week alone! Now granted, I am pregnant, but still... this totally bursts my love affair with the frappe too. Thanks for enlightening me. How about a deal? We'll get a frappe when we are together again? So, I take it you guys will be heading to J'ville for Easter this year! :)